The “About” page is the most viewed page of a website.

Do you know why?

It’s because people love people. That’s why the average person spends over 35 mins per day on Facebook. (Where are you at on that spectrum? 🤔)

We love seeing people, learning about people, hearing people – you name it. And when it comes to businesses, we love learning about the human factor behind the brand, product, or service.

For this reason, “people” are the very foundation of what we do.

People Marketing

When we start working with a new client, the first thing we do is understand the people behind the business.

Then, we understand the people who they provide value to – commonly known as “customers.”

We then meld these two together to create content that hits on the heart of our client, and at the same time, appeals to their target audience.

Maybe this whole “people love people” thing is the reason I’m writing this in first-person? 🤯

We all crave personal connection and genuine relationships. Forming these connections and relationships with your audience will, over-time, produce life-long customers and referrals.

If you’d like to establish meaningful relationships with your audience, reach new customers, better communicate your services and value, or flat out want a website that turns website traffic into leads, get in touch.

It all starts with a conversation between two people.


Meet The Team

jason call founder of placer digital web design company in roseville

Jason Call


Originally from Bentonville, Arkansas, Jason moved to California with his wife, Cassie, in 2014 seeking adventure. They found it. He started Placer Digital full-time in August 2017.

  • 530.388.8762
jeremiah grady

Jeremiah Grady

Vice President

Jeremiah moved from his hometown of Branson, Missouri to Placer County in March of 2018. He plays a critical role in managing and growing Placer Digital, and serving clients.

  • 530.450.5879


Chief Napping Officer

Originally hailing from the side of Interstate 49 in Fayetteville, Arkansas, Sammy has since taken on a life of leisure – mastering the delicate arts of eating food, chasing lizards and, of course, napping… Like, a lot of napping.

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