Website Care Plans

Our mission is to provide long-term value to our clients in all their website needs. A critical – and often neglected – component of this long-term value is the web host that your site is built upon.

The importance of a quality web host and ongoing maintenance can’t be understated. This is the engine and oil that powers your website.

Pitfalls of lackluster web hosting are costly, and benefits of premium web hosting are rewarding.

Below you’ll find all the services that come with our Website Care Plan.

Essential Care Plan: $49/mo

Our Essential Care Plan is a high-end hosting, security, and maintenance plan for your website.

This plan is ideal for businesses that occasionally need content updates, design tweaks, or new pages added to their website. Most businesses fall within this plan.

Why We Require Caring For Our Clients' Websites

The simple answer is this:

We don’t have client relationships, but rather client partnerships. Because of this fact, when a client’s website is not functioning properly, they naturally call us (and rightly so). 99% of the time, the error is with a third party web hosting company.

Prior to August 2018 this was a regular occurrence, and would involve us getting on the phone with GoDaddy (or another “big box” host) to sort things out. The negatives we’ve experienced from third party hosting companies are: a lack of necessary speed to power a modern, responsive website; subpar security that results in malware breaches, followed by expensive fixes or complete redesigns; hosting companies that sell products based on price, rather than client need; poor and slow customer service to resolve pressing issues; and a loss of time in fixing a problem that could’ve been prevented with a customer-first approach.

So, in August 2018, we invested in a premium hosting platform to deliver maximum value for our customers.

Customer Benefits: